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Geos 003 - Principles of Historical Geology
Principles of historical geology as they relate to rock sequences and geologic maps.
Geos 342 - Concepts in Earth and Space Sciences
Fundamental concepts in (1) the solar system and the universe, (2) the structure and composition of the solid Earth, and (3) Earth's atmosphere and water. Intended for Liberal Studies majors and students pursuing a single subject teaching credential in science.
Geos 208 - Structural Geology
Behavior of geologic materials. Folds, faults, small-scale structures in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Graphic methods.
Geos 271 - Field Geology
Mapping, recording, and interpreting data in the field; use of Brunton compass and topographic maps emphasized. Reports required. Field work during January Intersession totaling at least 10 days.
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